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Children’s Care Fund Testimonials

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Augustino 1

Augustino's Mom: According to the OB doctor at my last prenatal visit, I was having a very boring, textbook pregnancy. That all changed when I woke up one morning at 33 weeks with unusual bleeding.

Curlett 2


Kamryn's Mom: I went to a routine doctor’s appointment on February 21st, 2022 at which time they sent me to the women’s hospital.

Lorelai 1


Lorelai's Mom: I wanted to know why she wasn’t crying. I heard “1 2 3” “1 2 3” - they were doing CPR on Lorelai. I am just screaming and inconsolable at this point. They take her out of the room and then things with me started getting weird. Why can’t I see the nurses faces? They were blobs, that would come in and out. I felt weird.

EllieAnn and Madison

Ellie Ann Madison 1

EllieAnn and Madison's Moms: At 30 weeks in we went to one of our weekly appointments for our ultrasound where we were informed that I had cholestasis and the start of pre-eclampsia both of which increase the chance of premature labor which we couldn’t have. This is where things did not go to plan.

Spellman Oliver 1


Oliver's parents: We knew there was a really good chance that Oliver was going to be born premature, but we didn't know how early he would come.

Arlo 1


Arlo Alva Carter was born a few weeks before his due date on July 18, 2023. I had preeclampsia, so it was decided that an induction at 37 weeks was the safest option for everyone. Arlo had not shown any abnormalities on any genetic screenings or ultrasounds.

Millie 1


Millie's Mom: Millie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at only 16 months old. She has lived with diabetes for over 11 years now and has been doing great. Unfortunately this past January I witnessed Millie having a grand mal seizure in her bed.

Carroll 1

Norah and Etta

Norah and Etta's Mom: Norah and Etta are about to celebrate their first birthday because of those who never gave up on them.

Gradys Decision LOGO 2022

Grady's Decision

Our Mission: to provide emotional, spiritual, and financial support to families experiencing premature birth and/or families with babies needing specialized medical attention.

Evan shiloh in childrens


Evan's dad: This is where it all began… not feeling well led us to UPMC Hamot. After a scan showed a mass in Evan’s abdomen, we were sent to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, where he was diagnosed with A Typical Burkett’s Lymphoma.

Amelia 1


Amelia's Mother: Amelia Roberts was born to Candace and Gregory Roberts on June 2nd, 2023, at 26 weeks gestational age and would go on to spend 115 days in the NICU at Hamot McGee Women’s Hospital.

The Children’s Care Fund is used to improve pediatric care in our region and cover the cost of the care and related expenses for families of pediatric patients who do not have the means to pay.

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