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Hamot Health Foundation and UPMC Hamot have the unique privilege of receiving input from approximately 300 distinguished men and women in Erie who were chosen to serve on Hamot Health Foundation’s Board of Corporators. We take their roles so seriously that Corporators help elect our board members, and decisions as big as the UPMC affiliation in 2011 had to pass a Corporator vote.

Corporators have a deep desire to strategically impact their community’s health and vitality. Most importantly, they learn firsthand what is going on at their hospital and serve as our eyes and ears in the community.

Corporators have three important roles to fulfill:

  • Champion: Corporators understand the strengths of Hamot Health Foundation and UPMC Hamot and share the story of our exceptional impact across the community.
  • Invite: We ask corporators to leverage their influence to engage others in our mission, creating opportunities for a healthier community while continuously elevating patient care at UPMC Hamot.
  • Invest: Philanthropy drives transformation and our corporators set the standard. Hamot Health Foundation creates powerful opportunities to change and save lives with donations of any size, allowing you to feel the value of your gift.

    The Board of Corporators have the opportunity to attend the UPMC Hamot annual business meeting as well as regular Leadership Breakfasts throughout the year. These meetings provide Corporators with important updates about projects and initiatives at Hamot Health Foundation, UPMC Hamot, and its affiliates. They also serve as an opportunity for Corporators to ask questions, engage in debate, and take action.