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Helped By Outreach

"Drevell is wonderful; he gave me hope. He did so much for me, and I'm thankful for him."

Prior to September 2021, Erie resident Thesha served as her family’s matriarch – a pillar of strength and guidance for her adult children and her grandchildren. That changed in September 2021, when the 41-year-old suffered a devastating stroke that sent her into a coma for several weeks. When she awoke, the left side of her body was severely compromised, including her speech. She yearned to regain her strength, communication, and independence.

In May 2023, HHF’s Drevell Showers met Thesha while he was canvassing her neighborhood as a part of his outreach work. He slowly gained her trust through his earnest desire to help. They would sit and talk, and he eventually learned more about what would help her. To prevent falls, she needed handrails on her front steps and in her bathroom as well as some debris cleared out of her yard. To do her physical therapy exercises, she needed a appropriate place to conduct them; the rickety patio table in her kitchen wasn’t sturdy enough.

Drevell helped Thesha apply for a Love Your Block grant to tackle the debris removal and handrail installation. Next, he secured funding from HHF to provide Thesha and her family with a proper dining table and chairs as well as a gift card to help her cover living expenses.

Thesha said, “Drevell is a wonderful man; he gave me hope. He did so much for me, and I’m thankful for him.”