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UPMC Hamot School of Nursing Graduate

"Look where I am now! HHF and the school of nursing completely changed my life"
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Jasmyne was attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania pursuing an undergraduate degree when she decided she didn’t enjoy her major and wanted instead to become a nurse. To get started, she attended Great Lakes Institute of Technology and obtained her licensed practical nurse (LPN) license. She subsequently attained employment at UPMC Hamot in the urology clinic. However, she thirsted for a bigger role. She considered going back to college to obtain her BSN, but the demands of a four-year program and the financial commitment made her hesitate. When the Jameson School of Nursing at UPMC Hamot opened, Jasmyne saw a “perfect opportunity” to obtain her RN on in accelerated timeframe. She remained concerned about paying for tuition, but HHF was there to help. In addition to the scholarships she received from HHF, Jasmyne also benefited from their financial support for textbooks and scrubs.

Graduating in 2022, Jasmyne now serves as a professional staff nurse in the Women’s Hospital float pool, seamlessly transitioning between units caring for children, orthopaedic patients, and labor and delivery patients. She loves working with these patient populations, and acknowledges HHF’s role in her success, stating, “Look where I am now! HHF and the school of nursing completely changed my life.”

Luckily for UPMC Hamot and the wider Erie community, Jasmyne isn’t done dreaming. She plans to attain her BSN on her way to becoming a Nurse Practitioner. During her career, she also envisions the possibility of moving into a management position. Her eyes alight when asked of her future – she seems to know her truth: that she can achieve any goal she sets for herself.