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Women's Recovery Center Client

"I'm excited about my future for the first time in a long time."

At age 19, Emily was involved in a serious car accident that left her with significant injuries. During recovery, she was prescribed opioid pain medication. In an all-too-familiar story, this progressed into an opioid addiction, a struggle Emily has fought to overcome for the last 15 years.

Emily was recently referred to the Women’s Recovery Center (WRC) in Venango County, which has helped her “not only as an addict, but as a mother as well,” Emily states. With support from WRC, Emily has achieved five months of sobriety from all substances and a year of sobriety from opioids. This qualifies her to regain visitation privileges with her two young children, who are under the care of Emily’s sister. Her ultimate goal is to regain custody of her children as her sobriety continues.

Emily says she is “in a good place today,” explaining that this is the first of many recovery attempts in which she feels she isn’t “white knuckling” it. She attributes her confidence to the staff at WRC. “My professional support team is on point. The support I’m getting is incredible.”

Emily meets regularly with Sam, a Certified Recovery Specialist and Nurse Coordinator, who is in recovery herself. “Sam is my superstar,” shares Emily. “Being able to go to a facility and get help from another recovering addict is inspiring and hopeful.”

Prior to her addiction, Emily graduated with an associate degree in medical administration and aspires to work in health care. Sam has served as an example that this path is possible, even for someone in recovery. “Sam showed me there is hope when I thought that opportunity was gone. I’m excited about my future for the first time in a long time.”