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Hillman Campaign Launch

I am a cancer survivor.

I owe my life to UPMC's life-changing medicine.

Following my father’s prostate cancer diagnosis in 2007, my PCP, Dr. Kevin Kuric, began monitoring my PSA levels. Unbeknownst to me, he had been following an annual increase in those levels.


In 2013, the reading was high enough that he sent me to a urologist for a biopsy. The results of the biopsy led to a consult with a radiation oncologist at the Regional Cancer Center and a surgical consult with Dr. Benjamin Davies at Hillman Cancer Center Shadyside. After considering my options, I decided on a radical prostatectomy. The final biopsy revealed an aggressive tumor, which would have been fatal in 10 years. Without UPMC's expertise and regular check-ups, this year may have been my last.

I share my story with you to illuminate my personal connection to cancer care and survivorship. Today, as a major gifts officer, I have the honor of leading Hamot Health Foundation’s campaign for our Hillman Cancer Fund— a $3 million initiative launching on Sunday, June 4, National Cancer Survivors Day.

In this campaign, all dollars raised will be used for local services – supporting team members, patients, and families at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center in Erie. HHF made an initial $180,000 investment to support clinical research and trials at Hillman in Erie earlier this year. This has helped patients gain access to hundreds of trials that would not otherwise be available without travel. With your help, we can do more.

Donors have the option to dedicate spaces in the newly renovated UPMC Hillman Cancer Center in Erie. Whether a donor wants to provide a message of hope, honor a loved one, or thank an impactful caregiver – custom signage will provide an opportunity to share the message or story of those recognized. A variety of giving options are available, ranging from one-time payments to multiyear pledges. Regardless of size, every gift drives best-in-class cancer care here in Erie.

Will you help us fight cancer together in Erie?

This battle will take all of us. I am most appreciative of your consideration. Contact me with questions you may have Mark Louis (814) 877-3962.

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