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UPMC Hamot Electrophysiology Lab Boasts New Defibrillators

Hamot Health Foundation is proud to announce the funding of three new automated external defibrillators (AED) for the electrophysiology lab (EP) at UPMC Hamot.

AEDs have the capacity to detect and treat cardiac arrhythmias or heartbeat irregularities. They work by delivering electric pulses to the heart and establishing a normal rhythm.

The funding of this project by HHF enabled an upgrade to the latest equipment available on the AED market and the continuance of preeminent cardiac care to UPMC Hamot’s patients.

Hamot Health Foundation exists to fulfill a four-fold mission, including: 1) centers of excellence, 2) community health, 3) cutting-edge research, and 4) continuing education.

Centers of excellence equate to the various health care services offered by UPMC Hamot and their associated standard bar of excellence. This particular funding of premium cardiac equipment for the EP lab is one such example. The AED project demonstrates how HHF fulfills its role in supporting UPMC Hamot’s various service lines as centers of excellence.

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