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Thank You EE Austin & Son!

If you drive by East Middle School this weekend, you will notice a big patch of dirt in Wayne Park that will soon be home to a brand new neighborhood playground.

We’d like to extend our sincerest thanks to EE Austin & Son for donating their services to level the site in preparation for construction in early September. EE Austin & Son continues to be a fantastic partner of the Foundation, and we are so grateful for their generous support!

The new playground is an important addition to this community because research shows that children who regularly partake in self-directed play show increased levels of self-regulation, conflict resolution, empathy, teamwork, physical health, trust, and ability to focus in school. In fact, schools that have introduced longer periods of intentional play have seen a decrease in bullying by up to 43 percent.

Thank you to EE Austin for making this community asset possible! We can’t wait to show you the finished project soon thanks to the additional generosity of our Board of Corporators, Howard Hannah, PNC, Connoisseur Media and Bob FM, Erie County Greenways, NWPA Greenways, and other individuals and organizations who have supported the Children’s Care Fund!

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