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MWRI Update

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Plans for Magee-Womens Research Institute in Erie continue to progress and the excitement is building. The most impressive news of late focuses on leadership and media coverage. MWRI Erie is building a strong leadership team while receiving favorable media attention.

In leadership news, MWRI in Erie has announced the hiring of Director Linda Paterniti. Paterniti brings strong credentials to the role with a background of director experience in pharmacy and clinical services at the former Regional Cancer Center.

Paterniti joins Halina Zyczynski, MD, who is already functioning in a leadership capacity at MWRI in Erie. Dr. Zyczynski serves as the medical director at the institute and was recently featured in a positive local media story expounding her unique qualifications for the role. The article also refreshes the public on the significance of the nature of the work to take place at MWRI in Erie as well as the compelling implications for our region.

In another important media story, a spotlight was shed on Penn State Behrend’s partnership with MWRI in the form of academic research and commercialization. Told from the perspective of Penn State Behrend, the article is informative regarding the expertise, capabilities, and empowerments attached to the school's partnership in the institute. This includes the resultant access to Penn State University — a powerhouse in the scope of research universities. An academic partner of the caliber of Penn State Behrend is critical to successfully operationalizing MWRI in Erie.

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