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MIDEO Giving Back

In a medical emergency, it’s shocking how easily a paper document like a living will can be misinterpreted as a “do not resuscitate order.”

Dr. Fred Mirarchi, Director of the Department of Emergency Medicine for UPMC Hamot, developed MIDEO (My Informed Decision on Video), so patients can speak for themselves when their life may depend on being heard.

MIDEO is a recorded statement made by the patient that is quickly and easily retrievable by doctors and medical personnel.

MIDEO ID card sm

When seconds count, a MIDEO card, which contains an embedded video recording of the patient’s medical history and emergency wishes, will tell a physician or emergency personnel exactly what they need to know quickly and without guesswork.

Learn more about MIDEO on the Institute on HealthCare Directives website or call 844-MIDEO-4-U (844-643-3648) to set up a consultation with Dr. Mirarchi.

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