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Hamot Health Foundation Allocates up to $900K for Emergency PPE

​Health care institutions around the globe face uncertainties, challenges, and shortages during the current pandemic.

Garrett Fuhrman H

Swift and decisive action to ensure readiness for a regional COVID-19 outbreak is imperative to saving lives. Hamot Health Foundation recognizes this present reality and is springing into action.

During an emergency session, the Hamot Health Foundation Board of Trustees authorized the immediate allocation of up to $900,000 in funds to purchase any additional inventory of personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary. This critical funding would support sufficient supplies of N95 masks, face shields, and other related items needed to treat patients safely.

Our Foundation is working closely with UPMC Hamot leadership to identify emergent needs. Prioritizing the safety of our patients and employees is our charge and we cannot be deterred.

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