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Advanced Patient Simulators


Hamot Health Foundation is proud to announce the funding of two advanced patient simulators for training purposes at UPMC Hamot.

As a hands-on form of education, simulated training has been proven to decrease complications, decrease mortality, and improve staff knowledge and engagement. In support of clinical education at UPMC Hamot, HHF has granted $150,000 to cover the cost of the project.

The HAL® Simulator

Remarkably, advanced simulators can speak, show emotion, and demonstrate pain. The HAL® model is designed for pediatric education related to asthma, seizures, trauma, RSV, and intubation. HAL is touted as the world’s most advanced pediatric patient simulator and the first-ever capable of simulating lifelike emotions through interactive eyes, active facial expressions, and speech.

The Victoria® Simulator

Victoria® has birthing-specific features and can present both low- and high-risk deliveries as well as various potential complications. With the ability to hook up to an authentic fetal monitor, Victoria can track fetal heart rate alongside contraction frequency, intensity, and duration. This simulator model can also be used for all other nonpregnancy adult simulation needs such as clinical assessment, trauma resuscitation, and cardiac arrest.

Victoria and HAL advance existing simulator training to the next level at UPMC Hamot. They are an extension of a culture of excellence, further serving competence and readiness in patient care.

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