Promise 21

In July 2016, Hamot Health Foundation set a five year goal to raise $21 million by 2021. We’re calling it our Promise 21 campaign, and we're looking down every avenue to see where we can grow.

These four pillars of our campaign sum up our areas of focus:

Centers of Excellence

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Did you know that UPMC Hamot is the only Level II Trauma Center in the region? The John E. Britton Family Shock Trauma Center is the very best place for your loved one to be when suffering from a traumatic injury, and it was made possible through the philanthropy of the Britton family. Our other centers of excellence include the Leslie Cardiac Diagnostic Center; our neurological programs; Magee-Womens, UPMC Hamot; and the region's first kidney transplant program.

Community Health


Did you know that there is a doctor's office on the inside of the Wayne School building? This school-based health care model has given access to health care for 3,000 families who previously only used the Emergency Department when their child was facing a health issue. Our goal is to work collaboratively to open another school-based doctor's office and to continue investing in community health initiatives like Flip Side, Eagle’s Nest Leadership Academy and Stop The Bleed, just to name a few.

Cutting-Edge Research


Did you know that groundbreaking Parkinson’s disease research is taking place right here in Erie? With a $300,000 investment from Hamot Health Foundation, Dr. Mark Richardson and his research team are conducting advanced Parkinson’s research during deep brain stimulation procedures. With UPMC partnerships across western Pennsylvania, we also have the advantage of having a greater local research inventory. We take pride in the support we give to our physicians, residents, nurses, and clinicians for their research as they continue to advance their specific fields of practice. Hamot Health Foundation is also a major sponsor of UPMC Hamot’s annual Research Days held each April.

Continuing Education


Did you know that hospitals that have more employees with advanced degrees see significantly better outcomes for their patients? Hamot Health Foundation is committed to providing scholarships for UPMC Hamot employees so that those advanced degrees are within reach of any employee, whether they are just starting their medical career or pursuing a highly technical specialty degree. In the past year alone, Hamot Health Foundation provided over $300,000 in supplementing education for our employees. Advanced training saves countless lives, strengthens our culture of excellence, and provides opportunities for employees at all levels to advance their careers.